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1000 Goddess Gathering  Give Birth to:  


2016 Gave Birth to something Amazing!

Last Year inspired by Mare Cromwell (Author of The Great Mother Bible), Goddesses across the land gathered to bring healing to communities, to the land and to the waters all around the world.    NOW 2017 is here!  We invite you to be part of the TRIBE.  The experience and excitement continues on. The Date is JUNE 24th!

The 1000 Goddesses Gathering located in  NW Indiana is honored to be the anchor of the loving energies of the 1000 Goddesses Gathering. (The main location of Washington, D.C. has canceled their June date due to unforeseen challenges.)   The Loving Vibe Tribe of NW Indiana, along with honoring the vibrational love of the 1000 Goddesses Gathering, will also be creating the manifestation of the First Annual CommUnity Fest. 

These Celebrations will again be at the beautiful Oak Ridge Prairie, 301 South Colfax, Griffith, IN from 11:30 am - 5:30 pm.  Gorgeous Goddesses, Sacred Guardians, Magickal Munchkins, and enchanted pets are welcome.  This is a time of unification of all and togetherness.   Join us for celebration and connections, as our commUnity comes together and our loving Tribe gathers and expands.

Come out for Laughter, Dancing, Drumming, Reiki, Ceremony and other activities as we honor the sacredness of life.   A time of nurturing and self love.  Share togetherness and celebrate our differences and similarities.  Friendships are built and celebrated as we uplift and honor one another.  A place where we can join and BE.  JUST AS WE ARE SAFE AND LOVED.  

Gate Parking fee is $5.00 for residence, $8.00 for out of state; 100% of this fee goes to maintain and protect this beautiful prairie.  There is NO entry fee to the event itself, many of the activities are free. 

In addition to the free activities there will  be  healers and vendors present with their services & products available for love offerings and/or small fees to support this Magickal Event.  Please be sure to stop by their tents and check out the magickal wonders! 

Bring your own picnic food, and of course there will be chocolate!  Spend the day in nature, meet new friends, connect with old ones, celebrate the magick of life! 

The date is June 24th. The CommUNITY Gathers in Ceremony, play and excitement for all. Thank You.


11:30 Welcoming
12:00 Water Blessing
12:30pm - 3:30pm - Enjoy vendors, Receive Reiki & Deeksha Blessings, Join Heather with Mantras on the Hour!
1:00pm -Family Picnic Time - Be sure to Bring your own food.
(We are still seeking a Yoga Person who would like to lead a short yoga session.  We are also hoping that Grandfather Singing Man will be able to travel in to do a Talking Circle for us. 
Denis Frederick - Native Flute time to be announced.
3:30pm - 4:15PM
Drumming Circle
Dancing, Celebration
4:30PM Sacred Fire
5:30PM Clean UP
We ask all to leave the Prairie Cleaner than you arrived.  Take the time to clean up after yourself and mindful of any other litter that may be around that can be cleaned up.  Thank you in advance.

No longer does it have to be a Tibetan myth that when 1000 Goddesses or Tara's Gather, the divine feminine will rebirth through their combined energies, and tone of the planet will shift from one of fear to compassion.  We are together making it a reality.   October 22, 2016 was just a beginning.

A CommUNITY is Co- Created!

This event is not just about the day.  It is about  connection, becoming a tribe.   Your Loving vibration is important to this planet and this commUNITY.  Thank you in advance for all who will join us as we join together and create MAGICK!