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Goddess Gathering of 2016

We Embrace and Share the Divine Feminine


For ages many have created songs inspired about earth and our connection to her.  Now it is time that we become the songs and unite in love, by embracing the magick of the the divine feminine.  Together we bring change to this planet.

The  Dana and Tiffany team I truly could not have done without as with all team members.  Dana and Tiffany worked hard at set up and tear down, gathering water, setting up fruit at each alter and so much more.  They were my right hand go to gals.  As others were busy with their details, I could always ask this team to pick up any slack needed.  Thanks Dana and Tiffany.

Melanie  Faith led us all in song... Earth my Body, Water my blood, Air my breath and fire my spirit.  She also brought so much joy to each station as she ran the Joy and Gratitude station and assisted any way she could.  Thank you Melanie 

Roseanne Townsend at her grief station.

Heidi Barton Harman and Rose Fier at their Deeksha Station.  Heidi also ran her crystal and amulet table. Thank you Heidi.